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Oak-Land Middle School 7th Grade Supply List

Thank you for purchasing the correct supplies to help your child have a successful year.

GENERAL Supply List:

1 Oak-Land Middle School Planner ( Donation)

1 3-inch binder (heavy duty works best) - Please no zip around binders.

1 pack of 8 tab/dividers with pockets (plastic dividers work best)

3 college-ruled spiral notebooks (science, math, and US History)

1 composition notebook ( wide or college rule)

1 zipper pencil pouch (put i n 3-ring binder or bring to each class)

2-3 packs of pencils or mechanical pencils (put 2 i n pencil pouch - keep the rest in locker)

1 eraser ( put in pencil pouch)

1 pack of blue or black ink pens (put 2 i n pencil pouch - keep the rest in locker)

1 pack of red ink pens for correcting (put 2 i n pencil pouch - keep the rest in locker)

1 pack of colored pencils ( keep in your locker)

1 pack of highlighters (put 1 in pencil pouch - keep the rest in locker)

1 set of earbuds or headphones (keep in your locker for the entire school year)

MATH Supply List

Pre-Algebra: Scientific Calculator TI-30XS Multi-View

Algebra 7: Graphing Calculator T I-84 CE, Plus, or Silver ( used or new)


1 1-inch heavy duty 3-ring binder that will open flat on music stand

1 pack of 5 tab/dividers ( put i n 3-ring binder)

1 zipper pencil pouch ( put i n 3-ring binder)

5 pencils ( put 2 i n pencil pouch and donate 3)

1 black dry erase marker ( for pencil pouch)

1 Essential Elements Book Two - for your instrument.

1 Music Stand for AT HOME practice



1 Of Each: Appropriate clothing for all weather

  • t-shirt
  • sweatshirt
  • shorts / sweatpants
  • socks and tennis shoes
  • swimsuit / towel

1 deodorant

1 combination lock


Thank you! We appreciate your help.

2-3 boxes of tissues

1 pack post-it notes

1 4-pack dry erase markers

1 Disinfectant wipes

1 Hand sanitizer

1 Pack of glue sticks


For a printable version of this list go here



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